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Self Diagnosis | Know the Disease Through Fesses

Fesses color can vary. Fesses colored brown and green are considered normal. Only color of a rare fesses that is indicating the serious condition possibility.

Fesses color which in general is influenced by the food eaten and the amount of bile in your fesses. If fesses bright red or black, this indicates the existence of blood, immediately check to the doctor. Indicate the possibility of serious problems, such as cancer colon.

Fesses Colored Green

Possibly, by food that is moving too quickly in the large intestine. For example, when the diarrhea. Consequently, the bile cannot solve the complete food

Possibly, by food: green leaf vegetables, green food coloring and fe supplements.

Fesses Colored Yellow, oily and smelly

Possibly, by fat excess in the fesses. For example, because the malabsorpsi disease.

Possible causes of food: proteins such as gluten in celiac disease. but, check with a doctor for evaluation.

Fesses Colored White or color, such as clay

Possibly, by lack of bile occurs in fesses. The possibility of stoppage occurred in the bile channels.

Possible causes of food: a certain medicine, such as large doses of bismuth subslicylate.

Fesses Colored Black

Possibly, by the bleeding that occurred at the top of the alimentary tract. eg stomach.

Possible causes of food: Supplements iron, bismuth subsalicylate, black licorice.

Fesses Colored Bright

Possibly, by the bleeding that occurred in the lower side of alimentary tract. For example, the rectum.

Possible causes of food: Food Dyes red, bit, Cranberry, juice or tomato soup.



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